Edge Bevelling & Chamfering for weld preps.

RMP has the capabilities to produce Contur cut weld preps or traditional straight cut chamfers.

Our Bevel head plasma unit is capable of producing chamfers on conture shape's of the profiles even on complete rings and discs. This is done in one operation built into the cutting programme saving our customers time and money as traditionally they woudl have to have the parts machined after cutting.

For straight bevels RMP has a team solely dedicated to precision edge bevelling/chamfering profiles, both for one-off bespoke items and large quantity production jobs, all with the same guarantee of high standards.

Edge bevelling/chamfering is a popular service offered by RMP to customers who require completed kit parts finished to a high standard. Our edge bevelling/chamfering engineers are skilled and experienced and work with:
  • 1x 360amp Bevel head Plasma on our Gemini Machine.
  • 1 x twin headed including bevel head (fully CNC), water bed 4 metre x 2 metre
For further information about our edge bevelling/chamfering service, please contact Ray, Paul or Leo on 0121 505 3066.
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Welcome. RMP Products Ltd offers a wide range of contract manufacturing services including flame cutting, High Definition Plasma Cutting, lumsden grinding, machining, barrelling and straightening to a wide spectrum of industries, predominantly earthmoving, automotive and domestic steel fabricators.


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    Products and Services

    RMP Products offers high definition plasma cutting, gas profile cutting and other services to earth moving, automotive and steel fabricators.
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