Commitment to the Environment

RMP Products is committed to providing excellent manufacturing services to our customers, while minimising the impact industry has upon the environment.

Environmental concerns have become part of the way our company lives and breathes, from our investment into precision equipment that avoids producing waste, to the skill and accuracy of our engineers, to recycling, to energy conservation.

RMP Products' Environmental Policy

RMP seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our business as much as possible


  • We conserve energy in our office and workshop areas by switching off lights, computers etc. when necessary and safe to do so.
  • We save water through the installation of water-saving devices and other measures, where applicable.
  • We minimise waste through the accuracy of our work.
  • We invest in precision equipment to minimise waste.
  • We recycle unused or waste materials appropriately.
  • We reuse materials where possible.
  • We minimise the impact of transport and travel through logistics.
  • We use contractors who implement sustainable environmental policies