Earth Moving

Here at RMP Products we have many years of experience of providing our services to businesses within the Earth Moving sector

How have we helped this Sector?

At RMP Products we have years of experience of dealing with businesses within the Earth Moving sector, in the past we have had clients approach us with a variety of different problems such as struggling to keep up with sales demands for large Plasma Cuts due to their particular cutting process being too time consuming, we were more than happy to provide a solution.

We have supplied large chassis and Side plates up to 6500x2500 with multiple machining and chamfering operations through to smaller components Links and attachments.

We have CE Execution Class 4 for our in-house profiling, cutting and drilling operation.

RMP Earth Moving

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Services requested by the Earth Moving Sector

In addition to high-quality structural steel in all standard UK sizes, and steel plate in both standard and non-standard sizes and thicknesses, we have a comprehensive processing capability to ensure your materials are delivered in the best form for your manufacturing / fabrication process. It includes: