Plasma Cutting

R.M.P Products Ltd is a leader in High definition Plasma cutting offering precision Plasma cut parts to ISO 9001 and CE Execution Class 4.





What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma.

Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel and stainless steel, although other conductive metals may be cut as well. Plasma cutting is often used for fabrications and machine shops and has a large range of uses within the steel construction sector. Due to the high speed and precision cuts combined with low cost, plasma cutting sees widespread use from large-scale industrial CNC applications down to small bespoke fabrication shops.

Plasma Cutting Technical Data

Maximum Cutting Length 16 Metres
Maximum Cutting Width 5 Metres
Minimum Cutting Thickness 3mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness 60mm
Number of Cutting Torches 2 x 400 Amp
Cutting Standards BS EN 1090 Execution Class 4,BS 9001

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More Information

How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

To properly explain how a plasma cutter works, we must begin by answering the basic question “What is plasma?  In its simplest terms, plasma is the fourth state of matter.  We commonly think of matter having three states: a solid, a liquid, and a gas.  Matter changes from one state to the other through the introduction of energy, such as heat.  For example, water will change from a solid (ice) to its liquid state when a certain amount of heat is applied.  If the heat levels are increased, it will change again from a liquid to a gas (steam).  Now, if the heat levels increase again, the gases that make up the steam will become ionized and electrically conductive, becoming plasma.  A plasma cutter will use this electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from a power supply to any conductive material, resulting in a cleaner, faster cutting process than with oxyfuel.

What we offer

Our CNC Gas Oxy Fuel cutting & High Definition Plasma cutting, complimented with all ancillary secondary operations and CAD technology to maximize material yield to reduce waste and cost.

RMP Products has established a reputation as a leading supplier of Large and small batch steel profiles and machined components. We regularly produce items such as Uniflats for plate girders, cut and drilled base plates, bevelled/chamfered profiles, weld prep edges, bridge components, deck plates, profiles for heavy engineering, drilled steel flanges and custom profiles.

Manufacturing from 19,500 square foot Facility Based in the heart of the West Midlands with excellent distribution network to the whole of the UK, Scotland & Ireland.

<40mm +/-1.5mm
41-60mm +/-2mm