R.M.P Products Ltd offers numerous in-house options to make sure our parts arrive to our customers to the highest standards possible adhering to BS EN 9001 and CE Execution Class 4 quality standards.





Our finishing processes include

Lumsden Grinding – Removing surface material to a given size by a grinding process.

Shotblasting – Removing rust and any lose surface scale ready for painting/coating.

Flattening – To straighten any distortion caused by releasing stresses in the cutting process.

Deburring – Removal of any dross and sharp edges caused by the profiling operations.

Technical Data

Lumsden Grinding 100 “across corners +/-0.25mm
Flattening 2000x1000 +/-2mm per metre

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More Information

What is Lumsden Grinding?

Lumsden or plough grinding is removing surface material by a grinding process.  The machines have a circular rotating table that rotates the opposite way to the head/grinding stones and removes material to the desired thickness. The benefits of Lumsden/Plough grinding to remove material is the speed and size of the machines compared to conventional Milling machines. We have both in-house and subcontract options covering a range of sizes spanning 100” across corners.

What is Shot blasting and what is it used for?

Shot Blasting is a process to remove rust and any lose surface imperfections from the surface of the steel and any oxidization on the edges of the cut parts. The process forcefully fires small ball bearings of shot at the surface and edges to expose the surface ready for fabricating and painting


In house flattening service by means of a C Frame flattening press to flatten any parts after cutting that have a critical or tight flatness tolerance.

50 Tonne Press                                 Tolerance +/- 2 mm per metre

What is Deburring?

Deburring is the process of dressing the melted dross on the top and bottom of the cut parts along with any oxidization on the edges to make them clean and workable for our customers. Smaller parts are deburred on our Ernst Deburring machine which feeds the parts through on a magnetic table with a top sanding roller which lightly touches the top of the parts to smoot and remove any dross.

What we offer

All RMP take great pride in the finish of its parts to enable the customer to put them straight on there production line with confidence that the parts are cleaned and ready to use to the highest standard.

RMP Products has established a reputation as a leading supplier of large and small batch steel profiles and machined components. We regularly produce items such as uniflats for plate girders, cut and drilled base plates, bevelled/chamfered profiles, weld prep edges, bridge components, deck plates, profiles for heavy engineering, drilled steel flanges and custom profiles.

Manufactured from 19,500 square foot facility based in the heart of the West Midlands with excellent distribution network to the whole of the UK, Scotland & Ireland.