Oil & Gas

R.M.P are experts in supplying steel to the oil & gas sector, including to offshore projects.

How have we helped this Sector?

Our relationships with specialist steelmakers and experience in the industry enable us to offer the support and advice that is paramount for our customers to secure and complete major contracts.

We can supply steel plate in all standard UK sizes - along with non-standard sizes - in offshore grades capable of withstanding high mechanical stresses, pressures and temperature extremes in corrosive environments, including 450EM, S355G8, S355G10, S355EMZ and RQT701.

We have CE Execution Class 4 for our in-house profiling, cutting and drilling operation.

Oil & Gas RMP Products

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Services requested by the Oil & Gas Sector

In addition to high-quality structural steel in all standard UK sizes, and steel plate in both standard and non-standard sizes and thicknesses, we have a comprehensive processing capability to ensure your materials are delivered in the best form for your manufacturing / fabrication process. It includes: