The Power of Gemini

Ficep Gemini Machine

CNC Gantry Style Plate Fabricating Machine.

The complete plate working solution which handles light and heavy plate for thermal cutting, marking, milling, drilling, tapping, bevelling and more in one setup, far more economically, at lower cost per unit, with the same or greater accuracy than using expensive, separate cutting and labour-intensive machining centres.

Oxy-fuel & High Def Plasma Cutting

With a cutting bed of 8000mmx2500mm we can offer High definition plasma cutting up to 50mm thick or conventional gas flame cutting on thicker materials.

Drilling, Tapping & Milling

The high-speed machining spindle allows extremely productive drilling of holes from 3mm -32mm. For larger holes up to 240mm the machine can mill with exceptional accuracy.

Marking & Scribing

Fabrication and bend lines can be indicated with a scribing tool along with part numbers and cast numbers for full traceability and CE compliance

Plasma Bevel Head

Contoured Internal and external chamfers can be produced up to a 45-degree angle in one setup. Rings and discs can be edge prepared in a single process to save time and money.

Gemini Drilling Machine

Key Features

  • Machine and cut parts in one set up.
  • Bevel head Plasma & straight oxy-fuel cutting.
  • 8000x2500mm cutting bed.
  • Drilling & Tapping up to 240mm Dia.
  • Face and Slot Milling.
  • 8 head tool change.
  • Marking & Scribing
  • High Accuracy
  • Reduce cost & lead Times