Major Investment Continues

29 May 2014

RMP have just taken a delivery of a Gantry Style Plate Fabrication Centre for Drilling, Tapping, Milling, Marking & Thermal Cutting to complement there existing plant amd machinary.

With a Bevel headed Plasma unit enabling us to chamfer/weld prep radiused profiles keeping the contour of the profile uniform all in one operation.

This new machine handles light and heavey plate for thermal cutting, marking,milling,drilling,tapping bevelling and more all on one system with unprecedented accuracy.

Paul Dyche- Sales Director states " We are all extremeley excited about the oppurtunities this machine will bring to us and our customers. Approximately 60% of all plate components or parts contain drilled/tapped holes and we can now do this all in one operation without the need for moving the parts to another machine saving us time and our customers money. The list of secondary operations we can now offer our customers are endless".